We have a passion for beautiful quality gemstones at T.A. Henn. The gemstones you will find at T.A. Henn are genuine, expertly cut, and polished before being set into the highest quality precious metal maximising the beauty and shine of each individual stone. Many gemstones are available but rarely do we talk about their quality. We at T A Henn are happy to explain what the difference is between a beautiful gem from an indifferent one, not all is as obvious as you might think.

Whether you’re looking for elegance with simplicity, or a statement piece come in our store to talk to us and we will gladly help. Many of us disengage with reality when we are on holiday, the results walk into the store throughout the year when items are falling apart after only a few weeks of wear, or the owner is not confident that they have what they paid for. As a rule; never buy something from anyone on the pretext ‘it is much cheaper here’. Chances are we would not sell an item like you may see abroad at the price you see it at, because there have been too many short cuts taken in the production. They only need the jewellery to last long enough for you to cruise into the sunset or fly off into the distance. Undisclosed treatments of Gemstones are prolific, so only spend what you can afford to loose, otherwise if you see something you like, take a picture and come and see us when you return.


Our T.A. Henn promise:

  • Our gemstones are of the highest quality
  • Our gemstones are always genuine
  • Our gemstones are always sourced ethically
  • Our gemstones are expertly cut to maximise the colour and beauty of each of them

At T.A. Henn, we will stand by our competitiveness, there is no confusing double pricing to deceive you into believing you are receiving a bargain (unless part of a promotion) We offer it to you at the right price in the first place because being genuine is part of our business values.

We are a family run independent jeweller and we have your interest at heart, beautiful jewellery is our passion. T.A. Henn can offer you the truly amazing pieces you deserve on your door step so come and talk to us to find out more.

Gemstones are a great way to make a personalised gift by choosing a piece of jewellery with the single stone representing the month of the recipient’s birth or mark a special wedding anniversary. Please check our birthstones and wedding anniversaries gemstones tables below.

Your Birthstone

January   -   Garnet   garnet   Eternity, Truth, Faith
February   - Amethyst   Amethyst Health, Luck, Wit
March   - Aquamarine   Aquamarine Understanding, Happiness
April   - Diamond   Diamond Eternity, Courage, Health
May   - Emerald   Emerald Goodness, Fidelity, Love
June   - Pearl   Pearl Nobility, Beauty, Peace
July   - Ruby   Ruby Enthusiasm, Strength, Love
August   - Peridot   Peridot Success, Peace, Luck
September   - Sapphire   Sapphire Serenity, Truth
October   - Opal   Opal Wisdom, Purity, Hope
November   - Topaz   Topaz Sincerity, Courage, Wisdom
December   - Tanzanite   Tanzanite Prosperity, Happiness, Health

Wedding Anniversary Gemstones

Anniversary Gemstone Traditional (UK)
1st Mother of Pearl Cotton
2nd Garnet Paper
3rd Moonstone Leather
4th Blue Topaz Fruit/Flowers
5th Rose Quartz Wood
6th Amethyst Sugar
7th Onyx Woollen
8th Tourmaline Salt
9th Lapis Lazuli Copper
10th Crystal Tin
11th Turquoise Steel
12th Jade Silk/Linen
13th Citrine Lace
14th Opal Ivory
15th Rhodolite Crystal
20th Emerald China
25th Tsavorite Silver
30th Pearl Pearl
35th   Coral
40th Ruby Ruby
45th Sapphire Sapphire
50th Gold Gold
60th Diamond Diamond